Friday, March 30, 2012

Episode 23 - 6 Months

Date Recorded: 25 March 2012
We livestream in honor of being 6 months old with special guest (AH_)Mike from Achievement Hunter. We worship everything Fluttershy, and end up telling pretty lame stories.
Link Dump:
MLG Pony Poster
Pony Database
Ask JappleAck
Fluttershy needs a Montage
FlutterGuils's Training Montage
FlutterRocky's Training Montage
Fluttershy want to be the best
John De Lancie returning to MLP
More Confirmation about De Lancie
RT Recap Michael's Apartment
Art Contest Rules
Reboot (I still don't know what this is)
Australia's getting a MLP:FiM S1 Box Set
Ichigo Kurosaki
None Piece 4
Ponies the Anthology
Dragon's Weakness
New Merch
New Blindbag Numbers
A cross between this and this
WLF MLP Shirt Design Contest 3
Pony Should Pony Pony
Pony Confidiential

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