Monday, September 24, 2012

Season 2...Soon

So I know we've been gone for a while, longer than ever before, so I've decided to wrap up what I'm calling "Season 1" of The Brohoof with Episode 35 which was recorded at the beginning of September, and will (hopefully) be released by the end of this week.

This Tuesday (9/25) will mark one year since we recorded our first official episode. Now that we're in our second year it's time to resume the podcast for Season 2 starting this Sunday. Since we're still in the MLP drought, our episodes won't be released as regularly as they used to since we'll probably switch to recording every other week. Things will hopefully pick up once Season 3 of MLP starts, but we'll help pass the time with livestreams, interviews, Let's Play's (most likely me playing pokemon), and our usual random banter. If you want to help out you can always donate on our website via paypal, or email us at I'm looking forward to getting off my lazy, yet very busy ass to resume podcasting for your pleasure.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Brohoof Podcast Year One Fundraiser!

Edit:  As of now, the following are now the terms for any donation to our podcast. The dates below are invalid as there are no time restraints for donations, and the benchmark rewards have been removed since this isn't a specific fundraiser anymore. For any donations, refer to the list of individual rewards, and fill out any necessary information in the comments when you donate.

After talking about it for months, it's finally time to get this started. We decided to end our first year of podcasting with a fundraiser that will hopefully lead to bigger and better things for the show. We're basing the structure of the fundraiser around the same format that Kickstarter uses with their reward system. Depending on how much you donate, you will have a selection of rewards to choose from that will give you special recognition, or even limited creative control over the show. The full list of individual donation rewards can be found below.

Along with individual rewards, we will also have overall benchmark rewards for when we reach specific totals in donations. These are more in line with special events we'll host such as radio playslivestreams, and "Let's Plays", but we'll allow opportunities for community decisions. The list of benchmark rewards can be found below as well.

The fundraiser begins immediately and will last through the end of September, the first month we started podcasting.Our overall goal is a modest $300, but there will be benchmark rewards above that mark. Since the fundraiser is run through our paypal donate button which is always open, the individual rewads will be available even after the fundraiser is over, though the benchmark rewards will not. We would once again like to take this time to thank all of you for listening to our show and for your continued support. Brohoofs all around, and here's to hopefully another year on the air.

Individual Rewards:
-$1 or more: Have name featured on our website as a sponsor.
-$10 or more: Have name featured on our website as a sponsor and read aloud on the show during the Podcast Wrap Up.
-$20 or more: All of the above, and Sponsor a Podcast Wrap Up
-$30 or more: All of the above, be listed as "Associate Producer" instead of "Sponsor" on our website, and choose the theme song for an episode of The Brohoof.
-$40 or more: Sponsor an episode of The Brohoof (Includes option of naming episode and selecting theme song, keep it tasteful)
-$50 or more: Sponsor an episode of The Brohoof, and receive a Brohoof Podcast tshirt.
-$60 or more: Be listed as "Co-Producer" instead of "Associate Producer" on our website, and sponsor a Livestream episode of The Brohoof
-$70 or more: Be listed as "Producer" instead of "Co-Producer" on our website, and sponsor a Radio Play episode of The Brohoof (includes selecting fanfic or episode to perform)
-$85 or more: Sponsor a Game Night/Let's Play episode of The Brohoof (includes option of selecting game/platform)
-$100 or more: Be listed on our website as "Executive Producer" on our website, and choose a MLP themed song (either from the show or the fandom) to be covered/parodied by the Brohoof crew.

Benchmark Rewards:
-$100 benchmark: Radio Play of either Friendship is MagicThe Return of Harmony, or A Canterlot Wedding
-$200 benchmark: Minecraft Let's Play episode
-$300 benchmark(*Our Goal*): Brohoof Podcast cover/parody of Smile, Smile, Smile song
-$400 benchmark: TBD
All other benchmarks: TBD

All donations towards the fundraiser can be made on our website on the right side of the page under "Latest Episode". Remember to fill out any necessary information (name you want to be listed as, theme song choice, mailing address for tshirt, etc) in the comments box when you donate.