Wednesday, February 29, 2012

March is Gonna be Great!

We're kicking off the month of March with two big items.

The first is a Kickstarter Fundraiser that's going on all month long to help raise funds for better recording equipment for our show. Here's the basic rundown:

Goal: $300.00

Deadline: March 31, 2012 @ 11:59pm EST

For more information, please visit our Kickstarter page,

The second announcement is about the launch of our March Art Contest.

We're looking for talented listeners to submit either a logo design for the show, or a general art piece inspired by listening to The Brohoof Podcast. More information, including OC and other references will be made in a supplemental post.

I'm really excited to see how March turns out for us, and it'll all build up to our 6-monthiversary livestream podcast on March 25. Thanks again to all who listen!
Big announcements concerning The Brohoof coming soon. Stay tuned tomorrow for announcements and the new episode!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Concerning Tonight's Podcast

We have received confirmation of our guest for tonight, MetaJoker. However, due to "scheduling issues" there is the possibility of no livestream tonight. Keep posted to twitter/facebook for updates.

We will be making some announcements tonight so if we do have livestream I hope you'll all join in. If not, the episode will be released Wednesday/Thursday this week and the announcements concern things that won't take  effect until March 1st, so you'll get the information just in time.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Episode 18 - Smile like you Need it

Date Recorded: 17 Feb 2012
Pinkie, Why do you hate the 4th wall? Maybe she's just trying to break through the 4th dimension.
Link Dump:
Opening Song
New /MLP thread on 4chan
RT Water Balloon Fight
BTS Felt Animated Scene
Tara Strong IMDB
Another Schedule Change for MLP
Tara Strong is Best Pony
Bronies React to Teens React to MLP:FiM
Balloon Party
Balloon Party Playlist
Hearts and Hooves (feat. Aviators)
Scootaloo’s Prelude
Celestia’s Sun Eternal
The Friendship Express available for Preorder
Pony Polka Face 
Code Ment Episode 11
YGOTAS - Death of Tristen Taylor
New MLP Merch News
Episode 19 synopsis
Ask Dr. Adorable
Pinkie Breaks 4th wall gif
If Ponies Were Real
Your Face Ft. MetaJoker

Episode Followup:
-Got any questions for MetaJoker? Submit your questions via email or tumblr by noon EST on Sunday.
-We're gonna try to found our SWTOR guild this Saturday, listen to the end of the episode for more detailes.
-Got any ideas for prizes for our "art contest" next month? Drop us a line via any of out sights.
-Stay tuned for next week's episode where we announce and kick off exciting things planned for the month of March.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Special Thanks

to those who came out to our impromptu stream last night. We hope to do it again soon, but not too soon. I have a few announcements to make for those who did not attend (I made these announcements during the stream).

Concerning the SWTOR Guild, I have decided that it will be a Republic Guild (by popular demand) and it will be on the server "The Shadowlands" (the same server as The Drunk Tanks guild). I have not yet settled on a name for the guild yet and am open to suggestions from you, the listeners. You can submit a name any number of ways, via twitter, facebook, blogspot comment, tumblr, rooster teeth, and of course email. 

I'm leaning towards "New Lunar Republic" (if it's not taken already), but nothing is finalized.

I will be making the guild this Thursday, Feburary 23 at an undisclosed time. I will announce the time on Thursday via facebook and twitter, so make sure you follow one of those if you want to be there to sign the charter. To sign, you must be at least level 10 and on the planet Coruscant. Message Kururugi at the (not yet) designated time on Thursday.

The second big thing concerns submissions. We are accepting any and all submissions reguarding questions, comments, intros, and "PWU" covers. As of right now, we are NOT accepting any art/logo submissions. This is because we are planning on having a "contest" for artwork in the next month or so. No detailes are released yet, but we're looking for logo designs, banners, or other neat artwork inspired by listening to the show. Ideally we would like something with the hosts' OC's, and tey will be referenced once they're all collected (Examples of what Imean). More details will be announced when finalized, but we are working on rewarding those who submit with prizes (MLP merch most likely). Go ahead and get those creative juices flowing, but hold off on submitting. 
Thanks again to those who came out last night, and thanks to all of you who listen.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Episode 16 - Derped Up

Date Recorded: 4 Feb 2012
Technical issues make for a great podcast start. Littledogs13 is joined this week with Aonee, Choco, and Drekr to start out srtong, then ramble on at the end.

Link Dump:
Opening Theme
Derpy stuff:
Don't Change "Derpy" Petition
WLF changed Derpy's name
WLF changed it back to "Derpy"
Last Roundup stayed up on MLP site
Tabitha's website censorship of "Derpy"
Brief summary on other Derpy related things
Pony Python and the Elements of Harmony: French Taunting
Blood Gulch Blues PMV
BCBW ponies
Blindbags at Toys R Us

Also I'd like to make a note about topics discussed during the second half of the show.


  • Email or Tumblr questions. These make for great filler for when there's not much to discuss
  • Email Suggestions. This could include ideas for fanfic readings, guests for the show, or just overall feedback from you the listener. 
  • Neat stuff. Want to make a cool logo with the hosts' OC's, or submit an origonal theme for the show (doesn't have to be musical), or perform a cover of Jteeth's "Podcast Wrap Up". We'll take just about anything slightly artistic or creative as long as it's in good taste.
Concerning the TOR guild, we're probably gonna go with a Republic guild on The Shadowlands server. Name is undecided, but feel free to submit ideas through any social media forum.

Would you like us to host the show live on Livestream (or similar medium)? It's an idea that's being tossed around right now too, let us know what you think.