Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Episode 8 - Video Games & Tangents

Date Recorded: 27 Nov 2011
JTeeth tries to hold it together another week. Will LittleDogs possibly return from his "long" hiatus?
Link Dump:
Opening Song
Who is best pony (Winner announced!)
Nyan Dash
"Batmare" poster prints available for purchase
Doctor Whooves
Equestria Girls (Simbeat Remix)
Transformice and Ponies
Equestria Tales: Elements of Chaos
Ponies on the Rooster Teeth homepage!
Fighting is Magic
The Yogscast & Ponies
Notch is a brony
Accidents in Equestria by episode
WeLoveFine winners
Heavenly Ends (ponies at 3:55)
Why we may not see a MLP DVD set
Real life Pinkie Pie launcher
RD car
Fluttershy Halo
Luke Mckay
Outro Song

Episode 7 - 3 Little Ponies

Date Recorded: 20 Nov 2011
JTeeth covers for LittleDogs in this weeks Brohoof!
Link Dump:
Opening Song
MLP Parodies Big Lebowski
MLP Parodies Star Wars
Rainbow Dash toy spoils episode
Smiling Ponies
Derpy in the chicken coop
127 Ponies Teaser
Transition Song
Spike grows up Tumblr Comic
Episode 11 (13?) rumors
Smile Smile Smile (Pinkie Pie "Leaked" Song)
Ponies driving vehicles
Polish Spitfire is a male
Best Pony Competition
Outro Song

Episode 6 - Wrapped Up 20% Faster

Date Recorded: 6 Nov 2011
In this short special (with absolutely NO EDITING!), littledogs13, HALOGUNYSGT, and InternetDave briefly discuss episode 5, episode 6 predictions, Round 2 of the "Best Pony" tournament, plugs for the WLF Shirt contest, and their first ever fan email.
Link Dump:
Twilight Sparkle Fighting is Magic Gameplay
Fighting is Magic Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme
WLF Contest Submissions (images only)
Mike's Shirts:
Discord Shufflin'
Jteeth/littledogs13's shirts:
Agent of Chaos
20% More Awesome
The Face of Chaos
Think Derper
Drinking is Magic
InternetDave's Interview with Mic The Microphone on EQD
Biggest Fan Podcast (link might not work in Google Chrome)
NightmareMoon befriends Azekahh (mildly NSFF)
Cloppin To The Ponies (NSFF)
Just Lose It: Electro Mix
My Little Scootaruto - Friendship Dreamers
PinkiePieSwear's Youtube page
Sunshine and Celery Stalks
JackleApp's YouTube page

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


As of right now, Episode 8 available for download on iTunes and Talkshoe. JTeeh's still working on the link dump, which he'll post on the Rooster Teeth Group Page, and then I'll eventually transfer to this page.

The "Who is Best Pony" Tournament ended last night with Fluttershy winning it all in a 24-15 victory over Rainbow Dash (yay).

Just a reminder, we are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ so be sure to check those pages out to stay in the loop. Also feel free to drop us a line at our email (

Thanks bronies!

Episode 5 - Nightmare Night

Date Recorded: 29 Oct 2011
Littledogs13 and the bronies discuss their Nightmare night plans, and how they're coping with the lack of a new episode, JTeeth recounts his experience at MLP Live, and there's an update on the "Best Pony" Tournament.
Link Dump:
Opening Song
Transition Song
Doctor and the Companion
Alternate Episode 5 Synopsis
Episode 8 Synopsis
Mic The Microphone's Youtube Channel
The Intertainment Podcast
The Intertainment Podcast on iTunes
JTeeth's MLP Live Experience

Episode 4 - Eternal Night

Date Recorded: 23 Oct 2011
This week, the bronies discuss Luna's predictions for episodes 5, 6, and 7. Also, littledogs13 kicks off the start of the "Best Pony" tournament!
Link Dump:
Opening Theme
Transition Song
Faust's explanation for Rarity's absence
Cool Ponies Don't Look at Explosions
Trinity's DA
Trinity's DA Gallery
Q&Neigh: Volume IV
MLP "Who's the Best Pony" Tournament

Episode 3 - This podcast has 5 legs

Date Recorded: 16 Oct 2011
The crew discusses Episode 3 of Season 2, their favorite MLP tumblrs, and eventually spiral out of control as more hosts join in.
Link Dump:
Opening Song
Transition Song
Ask Scootaloo the Sadest (APDP side tumblr)
Ask Smarty Belle
Big Mac Swag Drawing
Meanwhile on ePony
MLP ad on MLG
Chevy ad with Pony figure (at 18s)
Episode 6 Synopsis
Fallout Equestria
MLP: FiM Live Part 1 (of 2)
Reaction to MLP: FiM Live
Rainbow Dash Firefox Banner
How you become a brony compilation
MLP: FiM [PM] Star
Equestria Online
Pony Swag Megamix
Fighting is Magic PreAlpha Demo Video
Fighting is Magic page
Sunshine and Celery Stocks

Friday, November 25, 2011

TEST-EPISODE IV - Premiere Aftermath

Date Recorded: 18 Sept 2011
The bronies discuss the Season 2 opener, their predictions for Part 2, and other random MLP goodness.
Link Dump:
Opening Song
Transition Song
Power Metal CMC Theme
JTeeth's Fluttershy Video

TEST-EPISODE III - S2 Countdown + Interview

Date Recorded: 17 Sept 2011
We countdown the Season 2 premiere by sharing our expectations and predictions, as well as interviewing fanfic author of The Cupcake Chronicles saga, milesprower.
Link Dump:
Don't Mess With Fluttershy Comic
Fluttershy's helpless against Discord Comic
CR's MLP Anthology
Hugs for Luna Comic
End of Harmony Comic
milesprower's DA page
milesprower's Fanfic page

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So now we have a blogspot page! Now the RT Group Page will still be the mane hub for all the RT Connumity listeners, but this will serve as the central location that's accessible by non-RT users who listen to the show. Over the next few days (and maybe weeks) I'll be posting old items, such as link dumps from previous episodes, until we catch up with the present. Then I'll upload new posts alongside the RT page.

Just a reminder, you can listen to current episodes on iTunes or TalkShoe. We're also on Google+ and Rooster Teeth, and maybe Facebook and Twitter in the possible future. Also, here's our email.