Tuesday, March 20, 2012

11 Days Left

Happy Spring (or Fall of you're "Down Under") everypony!

I'm writing this as a reminder that there are only 11 days left for Submission to our Art Contest, as well as pledges to our Kickstarter Fundraiser.

We've only received a small handful of submissions for the art contest, and we'd really like to see more. Designs can be something rather simple if you're artistically challenged, or you can try your hand at an original design inspired by listening to our show (such as suggestions mentioned on the air, or something based on a funny bit). The submission deadline is March 31 at 11:59pm EDT, and you can check the rules for more information.

Our March Kickstarter Goal is $300, and right now we're at $76 (25%). Remember you can pledge as little as $1, and you'll receive scaling rewards based on how much you decide to pledge. Although I can't modify what's stated on the KS page, I'm changing the "MetaJoker bonus" to pledges $5 and up (down from $10 and up) so if you pledge at least $5 you'll receive a FREE copy of MetaJoker's next album. We'll also be doing some of the higher rewards (song parodies/covers, dramatic readings, etc) if we make our goal of $300 regardless if no one pledges the designated amounts.
It should also be noted that your donation will only go through if we reach our goal in time. If we fail to make our goal by the deadline NO PLEDGES WILL BE TRANSACTED, that way your pledges are kept safe. Even if you can't pledge I highly encourage you to share this link to your friends. Every dollar counts towards our goal of making the show better for you, our listeners. To pledge, or for more info, please visit our Kickstarter Page.

That's it for long-winded announcements, Episode 21 is available now for download, and Episode 22 is on the way soon.

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