Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Episode 44 - We'll Be Back

Date Recorded: 24 March 2013
We return after our "end-of-season break", only to disappoint you by leaving again...

Link Dump:
Season 4 release window announced
Season 3 now on Netflix (US)
What Equestria Girls will look like (?)
Spike as a (talking) dog in EG?
BronyDoc available on Amazon
BronyDoc at Kansas City Film Festival
Japan getting MLP dub
How awesome their intro should be
Japan dub outro
Japan Dub Pinkie Pie
Build-A-Bear MLP plushies
Next Hot Topic Vinyl figures announced
Skullgirls offered game engine to Mane6
Updates on Mane6 Game
Skullgirls Indiegogo
Potential Season 4 Spoilers
Come to RTX 2013
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1 comment:

  1. It's okay, you get comments! Just there all from me....>:( you gotta get featured on EQD sometime, cuz srsly, I've liked some of your episodes better than some of the 'net box eps, even with full on Ray and SUPPA SUITS. You can always share your thoughts on community projects such as snowdrop and double rainboom, it doesn't all have to be news. But yeah, I'd totally be up for a general podcast to fill the long break we have.