Friday, July 20, 2012

Update time!

1st off, thank you for your continued listening and support of the Brohoof Podcast.

2nd, Episode 33 is still in editing. After another "longer than expected break" it's taking a little bit longer to get back in the grove of things. Also some issues (discussed below) have taken a bit of precedence over editing, so I'm getting to it as soon as I can.

Next I would like to take this time to discuss the status of our Kickstarter Fundraiser. Due to changes in the review policy for Kickstarter every single project is assigned to an admin for personal review once the creator deems is ready for launch instead of automatically scanned through the system for "usual issues". That being said it seems that there is an issue with starting a Kickstarter based around a podcast (especially a pre-existing one) as supposed to other projects (movie, webseries, event, game, documentary, etc). The main issue is that while other projects have a finite start and end, as well definite goals, we have no end because we are ongoing and have no specific "definite goals" other than continue to entertain our fans.
Because of all this, we have decided it best that we hold a paypal donation fundraiser instead of Kickstarter. The fundraiser will run off a reward system, similar to Kickstarter, and will include special events for overall benchmark goals. Because we are essentially scrapping something we have been working on for quite some time and starting almost from scratch, it will take some time before we can launch the fundraiser (about a week or two). Please keep in mind we harbor no feelings of ill will towards the folks at Kickstarter, they have a set of guidelines they we just don't seem to follow.

Lastly, we had promised on our Rooster Teeth Group Page (as well as other Networking sites) that we would hold a special Radio Play episode of The Brohoof following our regularly scheduled podcast this Sunday, July 22. We will be preforming the Season 1 episode Bridle Gossip, and we will livestream the show here. More info including on the play, including how to participate can be found here.

Make sure you follow us on one of our networking sites to keep informed with everything going on with The Brohoof.

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