Monday, June 18, 2012

Episode 30 - Suck it Dave

Date Recorded: 10 Jun 2012
Returning from the month-long hiatus, the Brohoof gang catches up on all the old pony news that you all have already heard.
Link Dump:
Opening Song
Bronycon Documentary Kickstarter Reaches Goal
Bronycon 2nd most funded film on Kickstarter
Tara Strong and Lauren Foust join Bronycon Documentary Staff
de Lancie will be at Buck and Galacon
Bronycon convention schedule
Michelle CreberAndrea LibmanPeter NewTabitha St. Germain, and possibly Claire Corlett will be at Everfree Northwest
Everfree Northwest Sold Out
Possibly more tickets for Everfree NW
Rumored Derpy toy at SDCC
Derpy toy confirmed as SDCC Exclusive
Fighting is Magic update
Balloon Party released
Bronycon Charity
Humble Brony Bundle starts again
HBB's losingthen winning again
Updated Character Screentime Graph
Deadmou5 joined the herd
Deadmou5 was trollin, Andrew W.K. joins instead
Tara Strong being awesome
Wired article defending Bronies
PBS Idea Channel "Are Bronies Changing the Definition of Masculinity?"
MLP Lego needs 3500 more votes
MLP Lego design canned
Firefox "joined the herd"
Diablo III Secret Pony Level
First Brony song on RBN
White Celestia Toy available for preorder
Blindbag wave 
3 4 available for preorder
Closer look at Wave 4
Disc 3 of Aussie MLP set announced
The upcoming N America DvD
Galacon Promo
Brohoof Podcast Polls Group

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