Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Art Contest Results

First off, thanks to everyone everypony that participated in our Art Contest. This was a fun way to celebrate our 6 months of podcasting, and I hope to have events like this in the future, just not right away. Now enough blabber from me, let's get on to the results.

Now there were a lot of good submissions to choose from, and this wasn't an easy decision to make (which is why all 6 hosts has a vote), but we agreed on the winners.

Our 2nd Runner Up:
Submitted by Sarah Fox

And our 1st Runner Up:
Submitted by rcyo31

Both runner ups will receive a prize pack consisting of a copy of The Friendship Express DVD, a Crystal Pony Keychain, and one MLP Blindbag Pony

And now our Grand Prize Winner:
"The Brohoof Podcast...of Science", submitted by Fonzy19

Our Grand Prize winner receives a prize pack consisting of a copy of The Friendship Express DVD, Celebration at Canterlot DVD, a Crystal Pony Keychain, 1 MLP themed WLF Tee of their choice, and one MLP Blindbag Pony.

Honorable Mentions:
We had many submissions we feel were noteworthy of recognition, here are a few.

All participants will receive a customary MLP Blindbag Pony for their submissions. It may take some time for me to ship out all the prizes so please be patient. congratulations again to our winners, and thanks again to every one who participated. Keep on listening, and Brohoofs to all of you.

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