Monday, February 13, 2012

Special Thanks

to those who came out to our impromptu stream last night. We hope to do it again soon, but not too soon. I have a few announcements to make for those who did not attend (I made these announcements during the stream).

Concerning the SWTOR Guild, I have decided that it will be a Republic Guild (by popular demand) and it will be on the server "The Shadowlands" (the same server as The Drunk Tanks guild). I have not yet settled on a name for the guild yet and am open to suggestions from you, the listeners. You can submit a name any number of ways, via twitter, facebook, blogspot comment, tumblr, rooster teeth, and of course email. 

I'm leaning towards "New Lunar Republic" (if it's not taken already), but nothing is finalized.

I will be making the guild this Thursday, Feburary 23 at an undisclosed time. I will announce the time on Thursday via facebook and twitter, so make sure you follow one of those if you want to be there to sign the charter. To sign, you must be at least level 10 and on the planet Coruscant. Message Kururugi at the (not yet) designated time on Thursday.

The second big thing concerns submissions. We are accepting any and all submissions reguarding questions, comments, intros, and "PWU" covers. As of right now, we are NOT accepting any art/logo submissions. This is because we are planning on having a "contest" for artwork in the next month or so. No detailes are released yet, but we're looking for logo designs, banners, or other neat artwork inspired by listening to the show. Ideally we would like something with the hosts' OC's, and tey will be referenced once they're all collected (Examples of what Imean). More details will be announced when finalized, but we are working on rewarding those who submit with prizes (MLP merch most likely). Go ahead and get those creative juices flowing, but hold off on submitting. 
Thanks again to those who came out last night, and thanks to all of you who listen.


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