Monday, January 16, 2012

Interview with FluttershyElsa

The Brohoof's TriNiTy50cal went ahead and organized an Email Interview with FluttershyElsa, best known for his Pony Polka videos.

Q: When did you first hear/find the show?
A: I first found about the show from a random imgae-board when I was just randomly surffing on the net. I saw someone post a reaction image with Twilight Sparkle in it, and I remember thinking "Hey, did this guy make this pic by himself? Is this a new show or something?"

Q: When did you watch your first episode and what was it?
A: I kept looking the origins of the pic and found about the show. I thought: "My little pony? Well figures..." Out of boredom I watched the intro of the first episode and left. After a few days I had gotten really curious on what happened after Celestia had imrpsoned her sister to the moon so I went and watched the first episodes. And before I noticed I had watched all the episodes that had been released and I was eagerly waiting for new ones.

Q: Who is you favorite pony?
A: Fluttershy and Rarity share the first place as my favorite characters.

Q: What inspired you to make PMV (Pony Music Videos)?
A: I have always been into making videos, and since MLPFiM was the new "hot topic", it felt natural to make videos out of it. The inspiration really was just the actual show itself, if that makes any sense.

Q: Which episode is your favorite and do you have favorite episode from both seasons?
A: My favorite episode is without a doubt Lesson Zero and my other favorites include Cutie Mark Chronicles and A Dog and Pony Show.

Q: What was the feeling when Hasbro contacted you about your PMV's?
A: Well to tell you the truth, the thing about Hasbro and my videos on the DVD, is probably fake... Although I'm am happy that the directors have watched and liked the videos (confirmed to be real).

Q: Are you gonna keep doing PMV's and beeing active brony on internet?
A: Of course, unless something dramatic comes in the way!

Q: You wrote on one of your videos that the hub or hasbro had contacted you about using your video as a special feature on a MLP DVD. Can you give us any information about that?
A: As I said, it's probably a fake account that contacted me. Let's keep our hooves crossed that it wasn't, though.

Q: Can you tell us about your future plans of PMV's and other stuff you might be working on?
A: Well right now I'm working on another "What if MLPFiM was an anime"-video and after that... we'll see. Unless anything else comes up, I might as well start working on a new polka-vid.

Q: How did the brony community received your work?
A: I think 2,552,958 total upload views speaks for themselves. I'm really grateful to all the people that like my videos.

Q: Who is your favorite brony artist (cant name your self of course)?
A: My favorite artist is johnjoseco, YTP-maker is Dikekike and my favorite musicians include Alex S. PinkiePieSwear and EurobeatBrony of course.

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