Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Episode 6 - Wrapped Up 20% Faster

Date Recorded: 6 Nov 2011
In this short special (with absolutely NO EDITING!), littledogs13, HALOGUNYSGT, and InternetDave briefly discuss episode 5, episode 6 predictions, Round 2 of the "Best Pony" tournament, plugs for the WLF Shirt contest, and their first ever fan email.
Link Dump:
Twilight Sparkle Fighting is Magic Gameplay
Fighting is Magic Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme
WLF Contest Submissions (images only)
Mike's Shirts:
Discord Shufflin'
Jteeth/littledogs13's shirts:
Agent of Chaos
20% More Awesome
The Face of Chaos
Think Derper
Drinking is Magic
InternetDave's Interview with Mic The Microphone on EQD
Biggest Fan Podcast (link might not work in Google Chrome)
NightmareMoon befriends Azekahh (mildly NSFF)
Cloppin To The Ponies (NSFF)
Just Lose It: Electro Mix
My Little Scootaruto - Friendship Dreamers
PinkiePieSwear's Youtube page
Sunshine and Celery Stalks
JackleApp's YouTube page

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