Saturday, February 16, 2013

Episode 42 - Mostly Harmless

Date Recorded: 10 Feb 2013
Sadly, the title is the only Douglas Adams reference this episode. The crew preps for the Season 3 finale by recapping the latest episode, and then sharing the good and bad developments of the past week.

Link Dump:
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Pinkie themed DvD out now
Princess Twilight themed DvD on the way?
Jteeth's MLP Live experience
New Twilicorn Plushie
BaB MLP merch update
BronyDoc crew shuts down production
More clarification on BronyDoc production status
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John de Lancie's twitter comment on production
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Fighting is Magic receives Cease and Desist
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1 comment:

  1. Yeah, the one thing I dislike about the fandom is its tendency to go a little 'freaky-outy' when something changes in the plot. I'm glad you guys have the good mentality. Meanwhile it does doubly suck that FiM got the C and D. >:( And it probably would've brought more male gamer people into the fandom. Hasbro made both a dick move and a stupid move in the same play. Also, you guys need to get more popular on iTunes, you clearly have the best sense of humor, especially JTeeth.